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Fuel From Water part one is loaded with information and safety instructions! Over 60 pages long!
Learn how to build powerful fuel cells that you can run a car or home generator with. A parts list is included.
We also tell you where you can buy many of the safety parts, such as a hydrogen flash back arrestors etc..
Learn how to build large HHO cells. We are also including how to build cells that produce hydrogen and oxygen separately. You can store the gases or use them on demand.  You can also make your own browns gas cutting torch with these gases. These torches can cut through just about anything and can fuse odd metals together. Hydrogen has also been used to cook with as well as heat a home. We have a customer in England that uses HHO gases to heat up his hot water broilers to heat his entire home.


Fuel from water!  Fact or Fiction?  Fact!  

Water can not burn unless the molecules that make up water are split into gas. A very simple Process!

Learn how to build an electrolyzer fuel cell. We will teach you how to get fuel from water and with that information you can learn how to run any gasoline engine on water, it's a very simple process.  The amount of gas that is output will depend on the proper construction of the cell itself. You can also use hydrogen to cook with or to heat your home with.

Example: A customer who bought our plans quickly put together a small Fuel Cell Unit.  Using an 8 oz glass of water, he quickly had enough hydrogen to power his Bunsen burner for days!  He wrote to us and told us that he was amazed that he could get that much energy from just one glass of water.

The fuel cells are easy to build from supplies you can find in your home or at any hardware store in your area.
We do not store the Hydrogen and oxygen in large containers,  we use it on demand, we make it as it is needed which makes using these fuel from water cells safe to use. Plans will include a supply list.
  Hydrogen  Fuel Cells for the 21st century!
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Many vehicles in America are already running on propane gas and natural gas. The nice thing is these cars or trucks could be made to run on hydrogen and oxygen gases as well. Hydrogen and Oxygen gases are a great way to run your car. Some foreign countries are already using water as a fuel. Now America seems to be getting very close to using it.  In California they are testing these types of cars right now, of course you do not need a special car engine to run these gases only a special intake hook up valve and collection inverter box.  Think about it; instead of going to a gas station to fill up on high price gas that pollutes our environment, you just stay at home and fill your car tank up with water instead. We have heard many back yard researchers are already doing this! 
There is a man I talked to down in Kentucky who has been running his car from water for many years. And Stanley Meyers of Ohio ( USA)  has also developed a highly efficient and safe way to run your car on water, in which he holds a US Patent. The old way has been to store the Hydrogen and Oxygen gases in sealed gas tanks, but now that is no longer necessary. There is a safe and better way to produce these simple gases that could run any gasoline engine. Simply store the water in a holding tank and then use a water pump to pump the water up into the carburetor area to a separation fuel cell box, giving the user power on demand! This is much safer than storing these gases in a tank. These gases are clear and have no odor, and when burned they again come together and produce water out of the end of the exhaust pipe in the form of water vapor and fresh air..  See this powerful US Patent for yourself!  The exhaust water vapor could be collected and used again, directing it back into your water tank. and then the whole process starts all over again.

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