Build a Tesla Turbine Motor that can run on Steam or Compressed Air!  

                       I have personally talked with a customer that did a few simple modifications to this design, and has built a small 300 hp motor which is no bigger than a man’s hat. He said his engine can fit into the palm of his hand and can produce about 300 hp x 2,000 rpm's.  As I was talking with him I could hear the fear in his voice, He basically told me he did not know what to do with it?  He was an older gentleman and was scared that someone was going to come and take his motor or hurt him or his family!  That was many years ago and at that time I did not really care that much about the Tesla Turbine technology because I was doing my own research on the Fuelless Engine motor, so I let the guy go ( that is something I regret to this day ).  No doubt it would have saved me a few hours of research time!  But from what the older man told me it was very simple to modify and is simple in design!  To this date, many other Tesla Turbine researchers are only getting about 40% to 50% efficiency.  If what this guy said is true he has gone well over 100% efficiency into the free energy realm!. I also talked to another researcher on the phone about 5 years ago and he said his Tesla Turbine is running at about 96% efficiency! 

We have built, designed and tested a more simple version of Nikola Tesla's turbine motor but have not yet had the time to write step by step plans for it.  So all we can offer you at this time is The Tesla Turbine US Patent.  It is simple in design and can be easy to construct from the US Patent itself.  We are also including  2 color photo's of 2 different size Tesla Turbine motor's made by 2 of our customers constructed in a machine shop. But you do not need a machine shop to build one of these motors. All you need is a small drill press, a drill press circle metal cutter that you can buy from Sears for only $20, and a few other common garage tools. The Tesla Turbine makes a great steam engine motor to run our New SP500 AC or DC generator.  You can also convert a pressure cooker into a steam broiler to produce steam to run your Tesla Turbine.  There are a few companies on the internet that can build these for you as well.

" David Waggoner "
The Tesla Turbine US Patent....................only $11.95     # 393
TECHNOLOGY Drill press circle cutter
Push spring
Turbine sheet metal disk, you will need to cut 12 to 14 of these.
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