The Fuelless Engine Model # 2  ( Order # 362-RCm2 )

Dear David,
I purchased your plans on 09/30/2013. I have built a operating motor, and it works fine. I made a minor change, wiring the coils. Wired them series-parallel, separated the north south pole coils using jumpers. 

Mike B, Navarre, Ohio  USA

Web Reply: Sound great Mike! I am glad you like our motor. We made the plan and the motor simple in design so just about anyone can build them. This free energy motor also comes in a kit. Contact me for more details.

Thank You
Rick Gibson
Creative Science & Research


The Fuelless Engine Low HP pancake motor!

Hi David
I built  the Fuelless Engine pancake motor and it is running great!  I am using a laser tach and I am
getting about 2700 rpm's.  I will send you a picture.  I have started in total ignorance but the commitment
remains.  You have been in my prayers.

Donald H.    USA


The Fuelless Heater!

Dear Dave

I just wanted to inform you, I am amazed by your Fuelless Heater,  Wow! It really works!  I have been an mechanic for about 10 years and when I saw how much heat came from my small spaghetti can heater I was absolutely AMAZED!! I am building a Hybrid car and will build a bigger unit to heat it with.  I am also going to build your Fuelless Engine.

Sonny Schade  USA


Fuel From Water - Run Your Car On Water!

David Waggoner or Rick Gibson,

Last year in high school I set out to run my car on an alternative fuel. I
built an electrolyzer ( hydrogen fuel cell ) out of my own design and actually
started and idled a 302/5.OL carbureted engine from a 1971 Ford Mustang.

Tyler Akins   USA

Notice: You must be 18 years or older to buy these plans. 


CD Package Deal 1  

Dear Creative Science & Research,

I have placed a new order for the CD ( all 33 plans and 3 video on your website for $300 ) which I would 
like to download. If you prefer FedEx Courier Shipping please advise. In case of courier shipment, 
do not declare a value of $300 otherwise I will be paying a huge amount of import tax.

I would prefer DOWNLOADING it, despite the large file size. My internet connection is ADSL and 
is suitable for large downloads.

Thank you for the fuelless engine plans, which I downloaded.

All the best to you,

Daniel Rueppel     South Africa


Fuelless Heater

I bought your CD Package #1, and have found it fascinating. I have built a prototype of the Fuelless Heater and found that it works as advertised. I am also working on the hydrogen electrolyzer. I am an aircraft mechanic and Inspector. I built the heater in our hangar and found there to be a lot of interest as onlookers passed by. It is not surprising after all; especially here in Minnesota. So the obvious question is, what is the patent status and how can this technology be brought to more people? Especially the people who can't build them themselves.  

I am wondering if you get dozens of emails like this. I hope so. However, I recognize the seriousness of patent infringement, liability issues, free-energy technology opposition, etc. I want to be on the up and up with you. I believe that through the underground, so-to-speak, much can be accomplished. I understand the importance of staying away from the media on something like this, And educating all participants in the realities of this world, which I am fairly well versed in.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

All the Best.

Peter Delton     USA


Homemade Batteries

Phone Conversation from James Vanhoese  USA     8-30-2005

I have a friend  " Thomas "  who purchased some plans from you, He built 6 homemade batteries from your # 396 plans and is using them to light his entire home!  He removed the light bulbs from his 120 Volt AC system and is using your batteries to provide all the lighting in there home.  I think that's awesome!  Now he is coming over to my house to teach me how to build my own batteries so I can have free energy lighting as well!  

Creative Science:
James that's great!  Have your friend Thomas call or write us so we can 
talk.  I have never heard of anyone using our battery plans to light there entire home! Wow!
We only designed the plans to run small emergency lighting.


The Fuelless Engine Connected to a Car Alternator 
Runs an Entire Home!

Phone Conversation from Jerry Salmons  WV  USA     9-6-2005

Hello, this is Jerry Salmons, I want to order your #362 Fuelless Engine plans, I ran into a man who works at Home Depot and he told me about you guys, He said he built 2 Fuelless Engine motors from your plans and is running his entire home with them.  He said he is using the Fuelless Motors to run 2 high amp 12 volt car alternators and the car alternators are running and charging 12 volt car batteries or marine batteries,  The batteries are then connected to a qty of  2 - 5000 watt inverters which steps up the voltage to 120 V AC  to run his entire home! he is running all his lighting, appliances, TV and heating etc...

Creative Science:
That is awesome Jerry! I have never heard of a customer building 2 motors and running 2 alternators with them. Wedesigned our Fuelless Engine to run our SP500 Low rpm generator,  This is the most high efficient way to do it. But if the alternators are working for this guy then that is great! Alternators are also very high efficient generators but they are not low rpm,  we designed our system to use a low rpm generator to produce higher voltages and then we step down the voltages to 120 V AC  with high amperage,  using  old or new high voltage microwave oven transformers.  It is much more efficient this way and causes less stress on the motor. 


Free Energy Science is for Everyone!

Dear Professor  Waggoner

I read an article on the net a few years ago about water powered engines in America, I was a bit skeptical about it, but now I totally believe it is true!  Governments have been hiding the secrets of science from people for too long, especially Oil Companies. I applaud you for your work and for giving back to the people, Science should be for everyone!

Michael Stone
3 Lansby court Riverton

Tuesday March 23, 2004


Lab Broken Into!

David, to answer your questions: 

I have been in this research for about 20 yrs I have seen some of my friends threatened and run out of the research!!! So I keep a very low profile needless to say. A friends lab was broke into and everything taken and trash empted and vacuumed and all prototypes and materials gone like he never did any research at all!!! so I can relate to you're situation totally that's why I deal with only a few (2) close friends only.

As you can see I email from work and from home. Wayne is my boss at work and the email is set up in his 
name. I did not get a drawing on where to place the coil or where to hook it up. In parallel with the two wires?

We are sending photos of ourselves in our lab and as you can see I trust you to let you see what we look like!!!

Thanks for the confidence in us and trust !!!!!!

We will keep you close to what we are doing and the results we have. Thanks again David it's nice to know we are not alone!

Kevin Wallrose  USA


Fuelless Heater

Dear Sirs; 

I have reviewed your Fuelless Heater plans- just a few questions, if you have the time... 

In your research, does the center rod need to be solid zinc or just zinc plated? Can it 
be a hollow pipe or does it need to be solid? And finally, can it be aluminum or another 
alloy? Thank You for the answers. I really enjoy your plans just reading them is a pleasure
for my imagination. 

Best Regards. 

Kirk patrick  USA

Kirk,  to answer your questions,  the zinc rod can be a zinc plated long bolt which you can buy at any hardware store, most nuts and bolts are zinc plated.  It must be solid and can not be aluminum.


The Air Engine:

Dear David Waggoner.

The  plans downloaded and printed great!  Many thanks for the prompt service,  You must have known it was 
my birthday on Monday.

The Air Engine is up and running with no problems! I am running a 2 stroke engine, using just the cylinder piston and feeding the air through the plug hole, and it works a great!


Yours Sincerely,
George Elsom.   UK


The Fuelless Heater: 

Dear David Waggoner

Hi again,  this is Peggy Schleicher.  I am here in _______ visiting the folks and
have ordered the HV electromagnet and homemade battery plans.  

I have built the Fuelless Heater and it works great!  I am now getting the 
parts together to make the 1 hp Fuelless motor.  

just to let you know the capacitor specialists were trying to sell the
$70.00ea computer grade 400v 470uf capacitors.  I explained that the motor
parts cost was to be around $150.00.  he then came up with the required
capacitors for $9.00 each.  

Thanks again....Peggy

Peggy Myra Schleicher   USA


Incredible Information!


I have enjoyed reading the plans that I ordered.  The information is incredible!

Best wishes,

Mark Teller      USA


Science Fair project:

Thank you so much for helping the kids with this project. 
( Plans # 396 Homemade batteries for there sons Science Fair project)

Jenny Pirc     USA

Notice: Many of our plans are designed for adults over 18 years of age.
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Aug 7th 2013: I talked by phone to a customer down in Guatemala who is a machinist. He purchased our Fuelless Engine Model # 2 plans and videos. Him and a friend of his successfully built our free energy motor and generator!  They did a few modifications and are now building them for their people who can not afford electricity. His friend also called me when he arrived back in the USA and was very excited about our invention.  He said he saw the motor / generator lighting a whole mess of lights! Very powerful indeed!

Rick Gibson / Sales Dept
Creative Science & Research

July 8th 2014: I also talked by phone to a customer up in Canada who is an engineer. He purchased our Fuelless Engine Model # 2 plans and videos as well. He successfully built our free energy motor / generator
and is using it to power his new invention. He came up with a device that can kill super bugs or any type of virus that tries to attack the human body.  The Canadian Government is now funding him to manufacture them for all the hospitals in Canada. He told me he was also going to be showing his invention to our US President  - Barack Obama. He also did a few small modifications of his own to help improve the efficiency of our engine. If you have watched our video you can clearly see that our motor is also acting as a generator as well as collecting and producing free energy! Enough free energy to stop the house meter dead in it's tracks. We, as well as some of our customers, have also turned that house meter backwards!

Our New Fuelless Engine Model # 2 has now been combined with our new SP500 Generator! A motor and generator all in one!

Rick Gibson / Sales Dept
Creative Science & Research

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Successfully Built Our Fuelless Engine Model 2!
Hi Rick
Just wanted to let you know that I have successfully built your New Fuelless Engine Model 2,
and it has worked as advertised! You guys are doing a great job. Thank God for you!
As a generator the output is 240 VAC x 14KW. I am now going to build a second model and
this time I am going to try using ABS Plastic. It should work even better than the UHMW polyethylene white
plastic. I am also going to make a few modifications to raise the efficiency. The motor runs cool to the touch!
AMAZING! I have also ran my entire home with this motor / generator – and my home is all electric!
John W. Pentwater, MI. 49449 USA 3-7-2016
Rick Gibson
My son and I have built the Fuelless Engine Model 2, and have stopped the house meter!
And we have went a step further and we added a second motor to the shaft. Have not gotten it
over 950 RPM, but we have a 220 volts output! Made some of it from black plastic. Works very well.
Kevin R. Wall Meridian Mississippi USA 7-8-2016
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