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Free Electricity From The Sky    

Getting free electricity from the sky may sound impossible 
but it's not! It is a fact, and we have done it!
Powerful electrical waves of energy are bombarding the earth night and day. They are from the stars, the sun as well as our own earth. Our Government has known about this for years! This system has been used for free electrical power for hidden FM transmitters for decades! We will teach you how to get enough power to run small radios, motors, using a special antenna to collect this hidden energy. 

A customer told me that years ago he heard of a man who lived up in the mountains, and was told that he collected free energy from the sky by placing a large metal antenna up in the mountains and stringing a line back down to his cabin and ran all his electrical appliances with this! No kidding!  Of course there is a better way. Our own earth has enough power 2,000 feet up to meet all the power needs of the world. Try it! send up a small model rocket with a small 1,500 foot roll of small wire connected to it and connect it with the ground earth! Use a special high voltage volt meter to read the incoming voltage.

WARNING! Do not launch any rocket with a wet string or metal wire into clouds! Doing this can kill you and bring a lighting bolt down on you. Always launch your rocket in clear weather with no clouds present at all. 

CAUTION! If you try this experiment, please wear rubber gloves and shoes. Stay far away from all connections. This experiment is adults 18 years or older.
Fuelless Energy Plans
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Time is running out! 
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