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Fuelless Heater
Fuelless Generator and Heater
Design Plan - Fuelless Heater
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How It Works - Fuelless Heater

(This device can also be used to heat hot water to replace your hot water heater! )

These plans and video include how to build the fuelless heater you see in our photo above. The plans take you step by step so you can easily build this heater. A supply list is included as well as color photos. A copy of the US patent is included. The Fuelless Heater can be used as a stand alone system which can be built right next to your existing home heating furnace using standard sheet metal and a fan blower connected to your existing air ducts, or it can be customized to fit into your existing furnace.


Stop paying high HEATING prices! This heater really works! Letters from customers.

Turning the Heater On and Off (for a home furnace)

A second thermostat with a relay must be used to turn the unit on and off. It is standard furnace equipment and can be found at Grainger.com or purchased from your local hardware store. If you wish to customize the fuelless energy heater into your existing furnace then your existing thermostat can all stay the same! The only thing that should be replaced is the old heating source, but everything else can stay the same. The heat can then be controlled by using your old thermostat. The thermostat can then turn the unit on and off as needed.

As a Room to Room Space Heater

You can use the heater as a room to room space heater. Supplies and parts can be found at any hardware store and purchased from the internet. Adding a small thermostat is optional. The bigger you make these things the more BTU's they will put out. The original inventor of this heating device used his first heater to heat his 2 story home, which lowered his heating bill to about $12.00 per month! Wow! But we made some improvements on his
design, making this heater totally fuelless! Another words, it is a free energy heating system that pays for itself and can heat your home too.

(The Fuelless Heater is not radio-active or harmful in anyway other than high temperatures)

Our first prototype was a simple soup can heater and it worked very well! We were amazed at the amount of heat it produced. We then built a larger bean can heater and it did much better than the small soup can heater. The bean can heater produced 158 degrees F. in just two minutes! You will find that our heaters are very cheap to build and the parts and supplies are easy to find. The bigger you build this heater the more BTU's the heater will output.

The above drawing shows the main heating unit. A small, one HP, free energy motor is then added and is used to blow the hot air around a room or furnace air duct system to help heat your entire home, as well as getting the free reaction started. We are safely using the energy from the atoms within the oil.

Question: How Does it Work?

Well without giving out too much free information, I will use our small space heater as an example. We start with a 7" x 11" metal drum, (which is the outer drum). Then motor oil is poured into the inner can, however it does not use oil, it only uses the atoms from the oil which is very safe to use and does not produce an odor or smell because the outer container is tightly sealed. The oil can last for years! If water is used it would evaporate into steam, so water is not a good choice unless you want to use it as a hot water heater. A zinc rod or long bolt is then placed and attached in the center of the inner drum, etc. In return, a safe heat reaction takes place which creates a strong chain reaction within the atoms of the oil creating an enormous amount of heat! You can purchase zinc plated long bolts at any hardware store or on the internet. Most hardware long bolts are zinc plated. A supply list is included with the plans. We believe that a strong magnetic flux may also be penetrating the inner metal drum and creating the strange heating effect, which is safe to use just about anywhere! You can also use many other types of liquid as well, such as water, coke, sprite, transmission fluid etc., but it is best and recommended to use 10w40 oil.

Many people heat their homes with natural gas, which is not a safe alternative at all! Why? Because every year hundreds of people die of natural gas poisoning and from home gas explosions, but our Fuelless Heater is very safe to use and does not need natural gas to run it!

Great as a fire place heater insert!

Men! No more chopping wood! No more dangerous flames! No more smoke filled rooms.   
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