Make Your Own 
High Voltage Electromagnets


Build your own high voltage electromagnets:
You can build them to any size or power range. Great for building your own motors, engines, generators, learn the proper technique. The plans will also show you how to build a homemade, automatic coil winder. You will then be able to wind as many coils as you want very quickly, or you can simply use a drill press at 100 to 250 rpm. Plastic bobbins can easily be made from plastic you have around the house such as CD Case holders or use 1/8" PVC sheeting you can buy at any sign shop or sign or screen printing supply company,  My favorite is 1/8" PVC plastic, it's easy to cut and glue using a matt knife and Hardware store type PVC all purpose glue. The electromagnets with the ground work of our free energy research. Great for many high voltage projects.  Use them to make high voltage plasma cutters! Air core magnets versus iron core.

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PVC Bobbin Air Core Magnet 
Using # 39 AWG copper coated wire, also known as magnet wire. Single strand. Very easy to construct. In the center is a  round PVC Pipe, glued to top and bottom of PVC sheets.
We wound these 2 coils using a table top drill press from
We had to modify the drill press a bit by changing the high rpm AC motor to a 90 VDC electric conveyer belt motor. The speed is adjustable. The parts can be purchased at We found that it is best to wind from speeds 0-100 rpm's.
Multi-strand coil for  a super high efficient DC pulse motor! Coil bobbin made of PVC sheeting and aluminum for a motor base. Wood can also be used which works very well.
Dayton 90 VDC speed controller
mounted on table top drill press
Drill press is tipped over on top of a table in a horizontal position for easy access when winding coils. Here you see a PVC bobbin we cut and glued using PVC glue purchased from a hardware store. The bobbin has a 8" long bolt going through the center and aluminum plates are used top and bottom to keep wire pressure from bending the PVC during winding. Very simple in design and works very well. We use 2 nuts on top and bottom to keep it all in place.
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Fuelless Energy Plans
Time is running out! 
Now is the time for alternative energy!
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