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 " It is not free energy,,, but you can make over $450 per day "

David has found a new simple technique and common household chemical to remove roof rust ( hard Fungus ) from Home Owners roofs.  No need to replace the old roof on homes unless it's leaking. David has discovered a new way that is cheap and simple to clean the black oxy rust from home owners roof tops and make them look like new in just one day!  It's safe to use and will last up to 10 years. These special chemicals can be purchased for only .55 cents a gallon and are easy to find and purchase. For an average size home it would take about 10 gallons. Simply spray on your entire roof and spray off using a water hose.

 The roof will look like new again and the home owner will be glad because you just saved him over $5,000.00 for a new roof!  

Question: So why sell the plans, why not do it yourself?  
Answer: David is a scientist, he does not need to go into the roof cleaning business. 

We made these plans to help people who are having a hard time financially and would like to try 
something new to help their income. Great as a part time business or full time business.

New Roof Cleaning Discovery ( Info )...................only  $20.95   #1055

  New Roof Cleaning Discovery!  
There are two business opportunities you may want to consider getting into.  One is roof cleaning and the other is screen printing T-shirts,caps, signs etc.  Please Notice: We can not manufacture fully assembled free energy motor or generator kits at this time. But we can sell kits for our New Fuelless Engine Model # 2, to any and all backyard researchers wanting to duplicate the same experiment that we did on our Youtube video at Click here!  For more information contact Rick Gibson at: 1-812-945-5839  or use our blue contact us button.
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Fuelless Energy Plans
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Includes: All 34 Plans and 7 videos as seen on this entire website! ....................................Only  $475.00  USD  

Includes Our 
MODEL # 2 Plans and videos!
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Time is running out! 
Now is the time for Free Energy!
          Build A  5 Color T-Shirt Printing Press!

               Start your own business, Be your own BOSS!  You could make up to $80,000 per year.

                 1 color or 5 color printing

Plans are well illustrated and professionally done.   

These plans are a must if you are really serious about screen printing, You can print solar cells if you like with this machine (it would be a little faster)  but it is not necessary. the screen printing booklet offered below, shows you how to build a cheap 1 color homemade table top printer for solar cell printing. This machine is for those who want to do a little more and make some money doing it!

    With these plans we will show you how to build a 5 / color homemade screen  printing machine, it's so easy a 12 year old could build it. This is a unique space age design and is easy and fun to build. If you are buying the # 402video  screen printing video you will see this amazing printing machine in action!  Cost to construct is only about $250 in materials, and you can sell them for $2,500.  You can print just about anything you want with it. No special parts, This printer is made of steel, springs, 2 roller bearings, a Lazy Suzan turn table, rocker arms, wood base, etc... ( You can get most of your parts from your local hardware store. ) This printing press is for advanced screen printing use.  It is a professional printer for screen printing on T-shirts, Signs, Caps, Jackets, etc...  The people we talk to are always amazed at how easy it is to screen print! You do not have to be a professional to do it! This printing machine can print up to 5 colors at one time!  Very easy to construct for most people!
So start your own business today, Be your own boss!

Notice: There are many different types of T-shirt printing presses, this photo just shows one of them, see our plans!

5 Color T-shirt printing press Plans................................only $19.95      # JC-M1           
5 color T-shirt printer.  Can print up to 5 colors all at once.  Printer can also be used to print on Baseball Caps, Jackets, Signs, Bumper Stickers, Solar cells. Glass,  Paper and much more.
Save money by building  homemade screens and special table top printer! Get started as low as $70 Included is where to buy T-Shirts, Caps, Supplies etc... Wholesale! Also great for Screen printing solar cells! Screen print as many Solar cells as you want for you and your friends, Screen printing Booklet  teaches anyone to screen print in there own backyard it's easy to do! Print as many solar cells as you want for just pennies! Stop paying high electric bills.  You may even want to start your own screen printing and sign business, printing t-shirts, caps, jackets, decals, and signs of all types, make big money, our video and plans will show you how!  

Learn How To Screen Print................................................only  $9.95    order # 402 
Screen Printing Video...........................................................................only $19.95
Videos shows you how to screen print on T-shirts and how to set up the screen and much more. Shows our JC-M1 5 color t-shirt printing machine that anyone can build in their own back yard. With this machine and this knowledge you can easily apply it to printing solar cells.
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